LifeXZero is based on the urban legend of Polybius, a game that was said to haunt the Portland, Oregon area in 1981. The myth said that it turned players into anti-gaming activists and was part of a larger project. This mysterious, possibly extra-terrestrial, Mind Control AI legend serves as the perfect antagonist for our game. ‘Polybrus’ as it is called in the game is back and ready to destroy gaming, as was nearly done during the Great Videogame Crash of 1983. It is targeting familiar game worlds from across generations. The threat of Polybrus is such that it bends reality on the plane it exists.

In face of this overwhelming threat rise our heroes. A few gamers from over the globe are involuntarily locked into battle with this enemy. Each receive an aspect of gaming. Main playable characters are, Avatar of Platformers, Avatar of RPGs, Avatar of Fighting, Avatar of Action Adventure, Avatar of FPS. The heroes journey across familiar evocative worlds as well as new dimensions, performing evocative feats and merging them into completely new situations.

The purpose of this game is to pay a tribute to all generations of videogames, while providing a commentary on the history of videogames, what they mean to us and the potential do they hold as a global unifier.